FoodTeam International

FoodTeam International


Y. van Zoggel

073 5443040

Lorentzweg 13, Schijndel

Over FoodTeam International

FoodTeam, founded in the 1990’s, produce and supply a large and global assortment of top quality IQF-frozen vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, rice and pasta products.
We retain total control “from field to fork” in various areas in the world including Asia, South America and Europe.
At FoodTeam we work alongside our customers as partners to their business. Beyond this, FoodTeam believe strongly in new food concepts and innovative production, keeping a close eye on developing trends.
Quality Assurance, traceability and sustainability are methodically monitored and controlled in a rapidly growing International Market.
Our products are sold to retail, foodservice and Industrial customers worldwide and over the last 5 years, we have become one of the key organic producers in Europe for organic and bio-dynamic iqf frozen vegetables.
We are a worldwide player of iqf frozen food but act with great interest for local farming wherever production will take place.
With our physical presence in Asia, South America and Europe, we are serving the needs of our customers. We control the entire chain “ from field to fork” in the best possible way. Our sales offices in The Netherlands , Germany and United Kingdom are guiding our iqf frozen food to more than 50 countries in the world.